Facebook Dating vs Tinder for Open Relationships

MissK: My frist ever swingers party

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Toni has lived in open relationships for 7 years but his passion for the lifestyle started already back in 2009. Until today, Toni has had 3 different open relationships, has has actively participated in the swingers lifestyle. Toni holds MA from King’s College London, and  also works in the financial sector. His background in the corporate world extends his interests to human interaction and workplace communication. On 3-way Theory, Toni focuses on creating the YouTube content.

Miss K.

Blog / instagram

Miss K. has lived with Toni for the past 3 years, during which she has moved from strictly monogamous background to living in an open relationship. Miss K. describes her open relationship life and the experience of adopting the new relationship style through the ‘Blog By Miss K.’ section of this site.

About us

Threeway Theory mission is to make non-monogamous relationships better known. Even today talking about feelings and desires is a difficult topic for many people, and it is one of the biggest obstacles on our way to a fulfilling and happy life. Whilst we live and breath open relationship lifestyle, and are strong advocates of it, we are not also afraid to share the challenges and hardships this lifestyle can provide for those new to it.