Couple swap and first dates

Finally I’m back to writing after three-month-long break. I can only blame myself. I’ve bene very busy with changes in life and especially with work so free time has been very limited. Toni was asking, how is the blogging progressing? Have we already gotten out of the hell we were left in? 😀 I promised to him that today we will get out of the mess and start with a new topic, so lets continue and bring the story up-to-date. In my last post I promised to move to less heavy topics. So in this post we will talk about couple swap dates and experiences we have had during the summer and fall.

As I said in my last post, we have joined a handful of swingers / couples swap sites where there’s similar open-minded people. One of them is XU, (link redirects to the site and we will get a bit of membership time if you join) and Libertine Center, both of which host a lot of Finnish swingers and couple swap community. We’re also on SDC and SpicyMatch, that are more international and good if you want to couple swap while travelling. All sites have a Facebook-like feel to them. Users send a lot of sexual and sensual pictures to the site for everyone to see, and you can also arrange events and meetings through these sites. Most profiles are anonymous so very few show their faces or can be recognized in their pictures. We are of course a bit of an exception with this, as Toni is doing this 3-way Theory with his own face. I myself, however, choose to stay anonymous. Even though people cannot be recognized, the sites offer a functionality to validate members and that helps feed out the fakes from the real ones. Of course there’s always going to be fakes in these sites, but far fewer in the ones that I mentioned than many others similar ones. So we’ve been messaging with people on these sites and also met many people. I’m personally quite careful and I slowly warm up so usually our meetings are just a cup of coffee and a chat to start with. If chemistry and values and there then we have progressed onwards.

A kind of a picture I send couple swap sites.
Sample picture of what I usually send to couple swap sites

In June we got to our first date we had agreed upon in one of the sites. We had exchanged a few messages before and and then agreed to meet the person f2f. I was nervous at start to meet a single man though he did seem very decent and nice online.

Toni and I met that man at a restaurant and it went very well. He was proper and decent like the impression we got. Our chemistry matched well and we were interested in one another. He has a permission from his partner to use these sites solo, and I value the fact that he has a permission. I’m not interestedin breaking up anyones family.

Although our meeting went well and it was enjoyable to meet new people, we didn’t take it any further at that time. We agreed that we will meet again once calendar’s find a suitable match and we’ll take it further next time. This is very normal, that people meet without anything more with their clothes on. We are in open relationship and we’re open-minded fun-loving peeps so we just meeting new people is fun in and of itself. We want more quality than quantity, and particularly we like if those people become close friends in addition to sex. So great meetings like these really left me in good spirits and removed many of the prejudice I’ve had had for the profiles in couple swap websites.

After that it didn’t take long for me to get excited and be more active on these sites. We got poured with messages from various couples and profiles. A lot of chatting and equally much of going out with them. All the people we have met through the sites have been of high quality, nice and proper. Probably we have been able to filter our many of the not-so-suitable-ones already at the chatting phase and we’ve only met the really nice ones. We’ve also done couple swapping right in the first meeting, so directly to sex. So having sex with other people isn’t anything new to me anymore, and of course we’ve done it in many of the parties as well. Only thing that is new has been the places we’ve been to and people we’ve met. We’ve gone to other people’s homes and also invited people to our homes if they seem decent and safe.

Now after 3 months we’ve met 5 couples and one single man. They’ve all been nice and I can comfortably say 3 couples are our good friends nowadayds. So there’s plenty of great people to be met in this world!

We’ve also been to bigger couple swap events as well. Himos-event in August and Pori private party in October. These have all been new experiences to me, and great ones at that. Naturally COVID-19 has slowed us down a bit and we’ve been very careful with this matter.

Oh, and Toni has also organized some of his own events like summer cabin parties in July. How those cabin parties went, what was the Himos-event like and how was the private party in Pori? All that and more in my next blog post. Now Toni and I will watch one of our favourite series together with a glass of wine. See you in the next post!

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