White party, my first ever swingers party!

In fall 2018 I received my first ever invitation: swingers party with Toni’s friends. Theme of the night was white party. It sounded interesting, exciting and just scary.

I had not had a proper chance to reflect on these things and learn about the swingers scene, at least that’s how I felt. Even the idea of a swingers party raised a lot of thoughts in my head.

Horny guys, who masturbate all over the room. You’re groped without permission, licked from head to toe and forced into sex one way or another. Your man having barbarian sex with a group of women in front of you. And so on…

Those were my prejudice and expectations of the party. Whole idea of the party worried me more every day as the party day got closer. Toni tried to tell me positive sides of it and get me excited about the event. For him, it was just like any other party with friends, hanging out together and getting to know new people. Just like a regular home party with my extra spices. For me it was a new world. I didn’t know his friends beforehand, I didn’t know the spoken and unspoken rules of the lifestyle and I’m not very social. How can I survive?!

There was a small twist (my savior?) a few days before the party. I had to go to work that evening. A shift I couldn’t get out of. Party starts at 6pm and after that nobody will be let in, according to party rules. But my shift didn’t end before 10pm.

I told Toni about it and “was very sorry” that I couldn’t make it because of it. Maybe some other time :). Well, Toni was sad and promised to find a solution (?!). I didn’t think about it and thought I got away with it without causing Toni resentment that may have caused if I’d had straight up told him that I’m not ready to come to the party.

Two days before the event Toni messaged me: “I spoke with the organizer. He is a good friend of mine and he promised to let you once you come from work. You get to see the party and meet my friends. Dress accordingly and see you there after work. Kisses<3”. NO SHIT! !

He has seen so much trouble and made special arrangements for me! How can I refuse now?! Well, now I just had to hurry and get myself some white clothes as I didn’t own much of those. Stress took hold of me and I had no idea how to dress for the occasion. Toni suggested, that we’d order a white transparent sexy body from a sex store but I don’t have the courage to wear something like that nor would I look good in it! Toni said that that is was people wear there, and often people have no clothes at all. But as I was so shy I went and bought myself an outfit I liked: white top and white shorts! I’m pretty confident that’s what everyone else is going to wear there as well.

Shorts I wore to my first ever swingers party
Shorts I wore to my first ever swingers party. Excellent for a day out during the summer, but not for a swingers party.

Swingers party in my own eyes

At work I kept thinking about the swingers party and was very tense. Toni went to the party beforehand to help with the arrangements and waited for me there. When I got off from work I went straight to the party and Toni came to meet me at my car. We held hands and he took me in and introduced me to his friends. The place was quite dark. Chains hang from the ceiling. Nude or barely dressed people came to meet me with a smile on their face. Toni took me around the party house and showed me where everything was. Evening was well underway and many were already having sex all around the place. It was like a live porn cave. I was over dressed and people stared me because of it. I should’ve listened to my experienced mister.

Evening was fairly short for me because I came in so late and some had already left the club. I got to meet Toni’s friends and they were very nice as he had promised. I got a very positive vibe and liked it. The swingers party wasn’t like I had already thought it would be in my head. People dressed well, were polite and followed party rules to the tee. Out there, women and gents got to be just what they are. Open, confident and sexually free. Most important of all the rules was use of condoms, and other rules that protected the privacy of all the participants. I had good feelings leaving the party though I didn’t dare to do much as it was my first time. I promised everyone I would come to the next part as well, and with more courage.

Next party I dressed more boldly. I wore beautiful underwear just like all the other women. I got to meet new people and received a lot of attention from other men. It was a confidence booster and I enjoyed my time there, though I was too shy to have sex with all those men despite their countless approaches. I enjoyed watching others and their act. People were enjoying and conversing just like in any other party.

Third swingers party outfit. Theme: Eyes wide shut
Third swingers party outfit. Theme: Eyes wide shut

Then along came a good looking couple, Toni’s friends. Woman started talking kindly and flirtatiously, we got along very well. So she suggested group sex with his man, swinger style. I got excited and agreed as she was attractive and I felt like experimenting. I hoped we could start somewhere more private as I was still shy but all the rooms were full and all that was left was this open bed surrounded by couches with people sitting and watching us. Well, at that point my excitement was so high I thought that it’ll have to do. I tried not to think about everyone else and just focus on the situation at hand. It worked well although I noticed a crowd gathered around us. People found our sex hot and gathered to see, some even quite close. I was quite surprised by the attention we got and the amount of people that had gathered to watch. It was very exciting to have sex in front of all these people, and in a group! Though I was brave enough to do this, it didn’t mean I wasn’t shy anymore. I still prefer to blend in rather than be the center of the attention. But granted the attention from other guys was nice, lifted my confidence and made me want to look even better.

If you’re wondering how should you act in these parties, Toni made a video about it on your YouTube channel. I hope it help you when you get started on your first swingers party adventure, and you don’t have to learn everything though experiment like I had to. 🙂

Although I must sound like I got off to a flying start and now I was ready for just about anything – it wasn’t the case. After a few parties came the situation Toni and I feared, jealousy. It came suddenly and caused our first big fight that almost lead to a break up.

How that got started and how went through it? I’ll continue from that next time.

With love,


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